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While the COVID pandemic has certainly altered the landscape of international student travel and disrupted our communities in difficult and often emotional ways, it has also highlighted our collective need for authentic and meaningful human connection. We are very excited to resume operating our programs in full capacity for the summer of 2022!

In order to confidently run our programs as safely as possible, there’s a few things you should know:

We are currently accepting applications on a first come, first served basis. Feel free to reach out to Jordan Romm (LITA's Director) either via email ( or simply begin an application and we will reach out to you.

Con mucho cariño,

La familia LITA

Covid 19 Update


¡Ha llegado el otoño!

¡Hola! Me llamo Monserrat Muñoz, pero mis amigos me dicen Monse. ¡Mucho gusto! Yo soy México Americana, llevo diez años como maestra y este agosto ha sido fuera de lo común para mi.

For the last ten years, August was synonymous with Back-to-School. As a high school Spanish and History teacher, my new year started in August instead of January. This time of year meant early morning practice, faculty meetings, and lesson planning. The anticipation of meeting new students, teaching new material, and reuniting with former students was exhilarating and intimidating at the same time.

This August was just as energizing and jolting as always, but for an entirely different reason: I started my role as the new Assistant Director of LITA in Austin! For the first time in my professional life, my identifier is not “teacher”, but rather “educator”. It has always been my belief that educators are life-long learners. The best educators continuously seek opportunities to grow and to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Most importantly, educators must use their knowledge and lived experience to connect with all people in the age of globalization and technology. Therefore, when the serendipitous opportunity came to join the famiLITA (a term coined by one of our students from this summer), I decided to practice what I preach: I jumped in to a new adventure with Jordan, Spain, and LITA! 

I met Jordan and learned about LITA four years ago when he visited Greenhill for the first time. He came to my classes to speak about a unique language immersion opportunity. I must admit that I was curious how this Vermonter was going to convince my students that his program focused on Spain was special. Then, he started his pitch: LITA centers around a homestay experience in rural Spanish communities and unapologetically immerses motivated students in the language and culture of Spain. I witnessed this experience first-hand this summer when I visited the open enrollment groups at different stages of their trip. I felt inspired by the group leaders that knew each student like they had known them for years. I felt loved by the warm and caring host families that made me feel like a lifelong member of their family. I felt engaged by the curious and dynamic students that were clearly integrated into their host communities. There is no other way to describe the LITA crew other than as a family.

As I find my space in this family, I am constantly learning about this job and about myself. One of the most important topics that I want to tackle is preparing all of our students. I know how difficult it can be to fully prepare our students for their entry into the host communities. We all struggle with stepping outside of our comfort zone and being comfortable with discomfort. At the same time, I also know that if we never push ourselves to our growing edge as individuals, it is very challenging to build a connection to another individual that comes from a community vastly different from our own. LITA is not a surface level experience because Jordan and I are not surface level people. That is why I am here. I want our students, host families, teachers, group leaders, and friends to have a deeply rooted connection to LITA that offers them a network of human connection that enriches their life. 

Another addition to the LITA family is a new three-week open enrollment program launch for Summer 2020! The newly launched three-week program is in response to feedback from prospective students that want a LITA program that is equally academic in nature and incorporates a homestay, but that would be shorter in length. We understand that our student population is dynamic and busy over the summer. The three-week program is an optimal choice for those that cannot make a longer time commitment and still want the linguistic and academic rigor characteristic of LITA programs. 

As we all settle in to our Back-to-School schedules, allow yourself to reminisce about a joyful memory from this past summer. If you were on a LITA trip, think back on a meal, hike, or activity that filled you with happiness, enthusiasm, and energy. Bottle that moment up and conjure it when you find yourself feeling like you need a boost from life. De nuestra famiLITA a ustedes, les mandamos un beso, un abrazo, y mucho amor. Cuídense!

- Monsie Muñoz, Assistant Director, LITA


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