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While the COVID pandemic has certainly altered the landscape of international student travel and disrupted our communities in difficult and often emotional ways, it has also highlighted our collective need for authentic and meaningful human connection. We are very excited to resume operating our programs in full capacity for the summer of 2022!

In order to confidently run our programs as safely as possible, there’s a few things you should know:

We are currently accepting applications on a first come, first served basis. Feel free to reach out to Jordan Romm (LITA's Director) either via email ( or simply begin an application and we will reach out to you.

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Covid 19 Update

LITA Fútbol

LITA Fútbol

In addition to running more rural-focused language and cultural immersion programs in Spain, LITA also works collaboratively with a few coaches each year to design a unique soccer pre-season program for a specific school team or local club. Our relationships with pro-level teams and coaches in Spain offer an authentic and singular experience to the schools with which we work.

For more information and to discuss pricing and itinerary details, please contact LITA's Director, Jordan Romm, at 802.922.1325 or

LITA Fútbol

Fútbol Focus

LITA’s soccer program is a chance for your team to train together, compete against high-level local youth clubs, and experience vibrant areas of Spain largely removed from international and English-speaking tourism. LITA works directly with a school’s coaches to design a unique experience for their players, one that combines high-level soccer training with cultural experiences that foster team building. 

LITA Fútbol

Fútbol Itinerary

Students and coaches are housed at the youth development academies of some of the top professional teams in Spain. Daily schedules include practices, training sessions and video review with guest coaches from Spain’s professional and youth development teams, and friendly matches and tournaments against local teams. Interactions with guest coaches and youth clubs of varying levels, often from smaller towns, provide both a high quality level of training and offer a unique chance to connect and create relationships with local coaches and players. Our hope is for teams to complete the program having gained not only a stronger level of play and camaraderie, but also having acquired a sense of global citizenship that will serve players well both on and off the pitch.