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Covid 19 - Update

LITA is currently accepting applications for summer 2021 and we encourage you to initiate an application here on our website or reach out to us directly with any questions. As we have all experienced, we are living through an extraordinary and strange time, with health and safety guidelines and medical information constantly evolving and changing. We remain in close contact with all our colleagues, friends, and host families in Spain, and we are optimistic that all of our programs will be able to run in summer of 2021. We understand that certain safety measures will be necessary and certain programming components may need to be reimagined or modified.

Our first priority is always to provide a safe and meaningful experience, both for our students and staff as well as the communities that we visit and the partners with whom we engage. We are proceeding with our programs and preparations under the premise that possible exposure to COVID-19 is currently a part of our lives wherever we go.

Please feel free to reach out directly to Jordan, LITA's director, with any questions or concerns. You can reach Jordan over email at

Covid 19 Update

Group Leaders

Working with LITA

Working with LITA as a group leader is a unique and amazing opportunity. At LITA, we care tremendously about our group leaders and the quality of their experience working with us. LITA’s Directors are highly involved in the group leader experience, and they work hard to make sure that each leader is fulfilled and inspired by their summer spent with LITA. Several days of training in the spring, and a family-oriented, personalized experience provide for a supportive and collaborative working environment that distinguishes our program and helps create transformative experiences for both group leaders and students.

Group Leaders

Group Leaders

Our group leaders are at once responsible, caring, energetic and dynamic. All LITA leaders are young professional high school Spanish teachers who are passionate about working with high school students and who love Spain and the Spanish language. These leaders are dedicated to providing a safe, structured, and nurturing environment for our students while fostering positive, supportive relationships within their LITA group. They find joy in connecting with their students, making them laugh, and inspiring them to grow as individuals.

Group Leaders

Leader Requirements

To work as a LITA leader, applicants must go through a selective interview process with LITA’s Directors. LITA group leaders must also be at least 25 years of age, fluent in Spanish, and willing to commit to speaking exclusively in Spanish with LITA students. They have ample experience working with high school students, are accomplished travelers, and most importantly, they are enthusiastic about committing to LITA’s mission and the focused care of our students throughout the trip. Of particular note is the commitment to consider, above all else, the safety and well being of LITA students at every moment.

Group Leaders

Leader Responsibilities

LITA leaders are responsible first and foremost for the safety and well-being of all LITA students in their care. They are also responsible for the day-to-day management of trip logistics and the overall student experience. This includes coordinating excursions and meals; overseeing language classes, independent projects and student internships during the homestay experience; engaging in ongoing communication with LITA’s host families; and supervising all group activities and dynamics throughout the entirety of the trip. LITA's Directors are also on the ground in Spain during the entirety of our programs to ensure a successful and supportive environment for both group leaders and students.