The word “LITA” alludes to the philosophical foundation of our company: a Spanish word ending with the diminutive “ita” often denotes something small, personal and is something or someone toward which one feels great affection. This informs all elements of our programs. We are a cultural and language immersion program offering students a completely different approach to exploring the dynamic and vibrant elements of Spanish culture. LITA offers a comprehensive exploration of Spain, including language study; arts, fashion, food and music; family life; history; and discoveries off the beaten path. Personal attention and small group experiences are at the heart of all LITA trips. Featuring groups of 8-14 students, carefully selected homestays and constant involvement from group leaders, our team works directly with students and schools to provide an international travel experience that transcends simple language learning. LITA is an LLC registered in the State of Vermont. Testimonials “When you said this could be a trip of a lifetime if the individual embraces the experience, you were so very right! My daughter went into the trip hoping to engross herself into the homestay and really experience the culture. She fell in love with the culture, the people, and the country. I’d say that the trip was even more than she hoped for and she has made connections that will last a lifetime.” —Kelly McAuliffe, parent, 2011 “This trip met and surpassed my expectations in every way. Every experience we had as a group and I had individually was positive and totally enjoyable. The entire experience was totally surreal and amazingly inspirational.” —Benjamin Wright, 2011



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