LITA Group Leaders

Working with LITA as a group leader is a unique and amazing opportunity. At LITA, we care tremendously about our group leaders and the quality of their experience working with us. LITA’s directors are highly involved in the group leader experience, and they work hard to make sure that each leader is fulfilled and inspired by their summer spent with LITA. In turn, it is our hope that this excitement and enthusiasm from our leaders will only mean a more positive and transformative experience for our LITA students.

Our LITA group leaders are at once responsible and caring while energetic and dynamic. All of our group leaders are young professionals, many of them high school Spanish teachers, who are passionate about working with high school students and who have a love for Spain and the Spanish language. LITA takes great care to find and work with group leaders who are dedicated to providing a safe, structured, and nurturing environment for our students and who foster a positive and supportive relationships within their LITA group. We work with leaders who find joy in personally connecting with our students, making them laugh, challenging them to step outside of their comfort zones, and inspiring them to grow as individuals all at once. Our LITA leaders, simply put, are exceptional.  

Leader Requirements and Responsibilities

Each LITA group leader goes through a highly selective application process through which they get to know LITA’s director, Jordan, and the philosophy of the program very well before being chosen to lead one of our trips to Spain. In order to be selected as a LITA group leader, applicants must be at least 25 years of age, fluent in Spanish and willing to commit to speaking Spanish with LITA’s students throughout the entirety of the trip, have ample experience and skill in working with high school-aged students, be accomplished travelers, and, most importantly, be willing to commit enthusiastically to LITA’s mission and the focused care of LITA’s students before, during and after the trip. Of particular note is the commitment by LITA’s leaders to consider, above all else, the safety and well being of LITA’s students at every moment. LITA leaders are also responsible for the day-to-day management of trip logistics and group dynamics, including coordinating group excursions and meals, overseeing language classes and student internships during the homestay experience, engaging in ongoing communication with LITA’s host families, and supervising all group activities throughout the entirety of the trip.

Leading for LITA is a paid position, and all of our group leaders are compensated based on their experience. Many of our LITA leaders return to lead for a second or third summer and are compensated accordingly.

If you are excited about supporting LITA’s mission with maturity, passion, and genuine spirit, apply to lead for LITA here!

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“The trip was so fantastic on the whole. I think Jordan has done a spectacular job hand selecting a program that is transformational for students and trip leaders alike. Mil gracias!! I am so excited to work for LITA again next summer! You're the best!”
— LITA group leader, 2014
"There were so many days that I felt were "THE best day of the trip!" As soon as I would think that, another activity or conversation would come about that challenged whatever had happened previously. The common thread in all of those experiences was the intense familiarity I felt in very foreign circumstances."
— LITA group leader, 2015



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