Our host families, simply put, are exceptional.

We take great care in selecting families that truly value cultural exchange and are invested in establishing lasting relationships.

LITA believes that a homestay is a vital component to understanding what makes Spain such a vibrant and beautiful place, and to acquiring the skills necessary to better grasp the nuances of the language. Although this can take our high school students out of their comfort zones, it continues to be the most valuable part of the trip for our participants.

Almost all of our families have children who are of similar age and the same gender as the students placed with them. Homestays take place in small to medium sized communities that are not only of historic significance to Spaniards, but that have also been relatively undiscovered by the global tourism market. As a result, LITA students have an immersive language and cultural experience.

LITA works with a team of local coordinators to initially identify potential host families, with a focus on selecting new host families each year. Rarely do we place students with repeat host families, as we hope to provide a unique, lasting experience for all of our families and students. What truly sets the program apart, though, is that Jordan and Michela, LITA’s directors, spends time with each family before the trip to carefully match them with students based on dynamics and interests.


“My host family experience was incredible. I developed such a powerful relationship with every member of my host family including my grandparents, cousins, and aunts and uncles. I was so fortunate be part of such an amazing and supportive family. We were so comfortable around each other and I very quickly felt like a true member of the family.”
— Zachary Rapaport, student, 2014
"Our daughter had an amazing experience with LITA, and the homestay was the highlight of her trip. She fit in perfectly with her host family, they were warm and loving -- everything you hope for as a parent of the student traveling abroad -- and the bond she made with her host sister was beyond anything we could have imagined!"
— Teresa Newton, parent, 2016
"The memories that I will always look upon most fondly were the times in the afternoon in my host community just chatting with my host family. It was such an incredible thing to able to do. It really stuck with me. The idea that I could be a functioning part of something like that was amazing for me. It was never lost on me how brilliant it all was."
— Isaac Goldston, student, 2016



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