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While LITA largely offers more rural-focused language immersion programs in Spain each summer, we do work collaboratively with a few schools and coaches each year to design a unique soccer pre-season program for a specific school team or local club. Our relationships with pro-level teams and coaches in Spain offer an authentic and singular experience to the schools with which we work.

LITA’s soccer program is a chance for your team to train together, compete against high-level local youth clubs, and experience vibrant areas of Spain largely removed from international and English-speaking tourism. LITA works directly with a school’s coaches to design a unique experience for their players, one that combines high-level soccer training with cultural experiences that foster team building. Our hope is for teams to complete the program having gained not only a stronger level of play and camaraderie, but also having acquired a sense of global citizenship that will serve players well both on and off the pitch.

Students and coaches are housed at the youth development academies of some of the top professional teams in Spain. Daily schedules will include practices, friendly matches and tournaments against local club teams, as well as training sessions and video review with guest coaches from Spain’s professional and youth development teams. Interactions with guest coaches and matches against youth clubs of varying levels, often from smaller towns, not only provide a high quality level of training, but they also offer teams a unique chance to connect and create relationships with local coaches and players.

Please contact Jordan Romm, LITA’s Director, if you would like to consider designing a program for your players at or 802.922.1325.

Sample Itinerary

August 26

Departure for Madrid

August 27

Arrive in Madrid. Transport to Castilla y León, via chartered bus, a two hour drive to the north

August 27 – September 5: Castilla y León

Lodging at the academy of one of Spain’s professional clubs

Daily activities may include:

  • Morning and afternoon training sessions at the professional club's practice facilities
  • Technical training sessions and video review with guest coaches from Spain’s professional and youth development teams
  • Friendly matches and tournaments against local youth clubs
  • Social events with local youth players and teams
  • Local pro team soccer matches (schedule permitting)
  • Cultural visits to cities and towns of the region, as well as exploration of local food and music
September 5-7: Madrid

Lodging at a hotel in the center of Madrid

Daily activities may include:

  • Guided tour of the center of Madrid, including visits to Madrid’s monuments, museums, and restaurants
  • Tour of Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, the Real Madrid stadium
  • La Liga soccer match (schedule permitting)
September 7: Departure from Madrid

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To be amongst high-level Spanish coaches in Spain was one of the great moments of my coaching education; to observe my players training the Spanish style, and to be learning that style in the country that has produced the best soccer minds and talents in the past two decades, was the gift of a lifetime for our players.
— Jan Flaska, Head Coach, Deerfield Academy, Summer 2015
While the soccer experience was outstanding, I can't tell you how much we appreciated the historical and cultural underpinnings of the trip. LITA's (Jordan's) incredible command of this region provided our team with opportunities to explore the region's rich history and eat AWESOME food! The small towns, castles, Roman aqueducts, and beautiful countryside, all without the crushing wave of tourism, made this trip simply spectacular. The perfect balance between soccer and the power of education through travel.
— Charlie Malcolm, Head Coach, Northfield Mount Hermon, Summer 2013



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