A safe travel experience is LITA’s highest priority.

All LITA students and their parents receive the comprehensive LITA Student and Parent Guide that will help them prepare for their LITA language immersion experience. In addition to answering frequently asked questions and providing extensive packing lists, the handbook explains expectations of behavior and ambassadorship in depth. At the individual pre-departure meeting, typically a month before summer travel, LITA’s Directors, Jordan Romm and Michela Corcorran, meet with each family in person or via Skype to review the Guide and discuss any questions or concerns, solidifying a comfort level and open dialog with all students and parents.

Each student will be provided with a Spanish cell phone or sim card upon arrival. These phones will be used to contact other group members and your trip leaders. Trip leaders will always be available by cell phone, and students are required to keep their phones with them at all times.

LITA’s homestay communities are small to medium sized towns and are very safe. Throughout the homestay, students are encouraged to explore the community and actively participate in family life, as this is an incredible way to learn and gain a sense of confidence and independence.

As a group, we travel primarily by fully-insured, private chartered buses. Trip leaders travel with LITA students at all times and facilitate dynamics to ensure a cohesive group environment and a successful immersion experience. Our primary responsibility is to provide a safe and fun experience for all students.


"The trip exceeded my very high expectations. The range and richness of the activities was just unbelievable. LITA's remarkable network of contacts and Jordan's expertise and love for Spain gave the group access to a Spain that's far outside the reach of most visitors. I felt that LITA's leaders taught and modeled respect for Spanish culture by encouraging open-mindedness and making it clear to the kids that a trip like this is a tremendous privilege. All aspects of the trip were very thoughtful, and showed that a lot of reflection, careful planning and intention had gone into them.”
— Debbie Smith, parent, 2014
"The serious language learning and LITA’s deep connections in the communities they visit allow for real conversations and cultural exposure that are not available to more traditional teen tour groups."
— Larkin Martin, parent, 2014 and 2016



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