Why Lita?

Unique and authentic immersion

Our established relationships with local families, educators, artists, chefs, musicians and dynamic guides offer students an authentic exploration of Spain.

Small and highly personalized programs

LITA prides itself on personal relationships, small groups and immersive experiences tailored to the individual needs of each group. Itineraries are carefully designed so students truly embark on both a cultural and personal journey, and come away with a lasting sense of global citizenship.

Dynamic homestay experiences

Homestay communities are chosen with the highest care, selected based on our students' abilities to succeed, improve their language skills, and quickly and authentically immerse themselves in Spanish culture. LITA’s director visits all host families in their homes prior to placing students, selecting communities that are safe, small and family-oriented.

Personal attention

LITA’s team is involved with every step of the student experience, from initial interest and the application process, through the actual trip and follow-up. Extensive planning and careful thought is put into making each student's experience as individually successful as possible.


"The trip exceeded my expectations in every way. I came to Spain with the goal of improving my Spanish and what I got from LITA was fluency I couldn't imagine achieving in five weeks, lasting friendships with both Spaniards and Americans, and a wonderful insight into Spanish culture and history."
— Grace Palmer, student, 2015
"LITA shares an authentic Spanish experience that gives students deep lasting memories using full sensory engagement. That complexity and the intimate relationships the group built because of that shared experience in a safe, protective context provided them, or at least my daughter, with a foundation from which to appreciate humanity and allow herself to stretch for complexity."
— Beth Olsen, parent, 2015



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