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While the COVID pandemic has certainly altered the landscape of international student travel and disrupted our communities in difficult and often emotional ways, it has also highlighted our collective need for authentic and meaningful human connection. We are very excited to resume operating our programs in full capacity for the summer of 2022!

In order to confidently run our programs as safely as possible, there’s a few things you should know:

We are currently accepting applications on a first come, first served basis. Feel free to reach out to Jordan Romm (LITA's Director) either via email ( or simply begin an application and we will reach out to you.

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Profile: Percebeiros

Aquí os pasamos un corto documental chulísimo sobre un oficio poco conocido fuera de Galicia...el percebeiro! Es un reto comer un percebe, pero más es el reto de poder pescarlos!

This is a short documentary directed by David Beriain about Serxio Ces, a percebeiro from Cedeira, in the Rías Altas region of northern Galicia, a town that several LITA groups have visited over the years. The documentary was preselected for the Premios Goya in 2012. 

Percebes are goose barnacles that live attached to hard rocks or flotsam that are in the intertidal zone of the ocean- a zone that is about two meters high. Galicia’s shores are covered with percebes and the people brave enough to risk their lives to harvest them are called percebeiros. Watch this documentary to learn more about these very strange looking barnacles that require stealth and luck to survive harvesting. 

The LITA staff love percebes and we love seeing our students wrestle with how to eat them and stomach the very ocean-y flavor! Puro sabor a mar!!


Please find our program dates for Summer 2019 below. Departure and arrival airport is JFK. To apply for a LITA program, please visit our Apply page:North Group 1: June 17th - July 23rd, 2019           ...
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