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While the COVID pandemic has certainly altered the landscape of international student travel and disrupted our communities in difficult and often emotional ways, it has also highlighted our collective need for authentic and meaningful human connection. We are very excited to resume operating our programs in full capacity for the summer of 2022!

In order to confidently run our programs as safely as possible, there’s a few things you should know:

We are currently accepting applications on a first come, first served basis. Feel free to reach out to Jordan Romm (LITA's Director) either via email ( or simply begin an application and we will reach out to you.

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Covid 19 Update

Summer Programs

Summer Programs

LITA has been listed multiple times as one of the top Spanish language immersion programs for high school students.

LITA’s summer programs are five-week and three-week trips that bring groups of dynamic high school students together from all over the country.

Each group is carefully arranged to ensure a cohesive unit in which participants can support each other through the triumphs and challenges of an immersive, rural-focused travel experience.

Although each trip is customized based on the particular group, all trips feature a similar structure, including an orientation, homestay, backcountry adventures and urban explorations.

Summer Programs

2023 Dates and Costs

For Summer 2023, we will have five programs to choose from:


5 Week Programs
North Group: June 19 - July 25, 2023
South Group 1: June 19  - July 25, 2023
South Group 2: June 26 - August 1, 2023


3 Week Programs
North Group: June 26 - July 17, 2023
South Group: July 3 - July 24, 2023


5 Week Programs: $9,650
3 Week Programs: $6,725

*Tuition excludes international airfare

Summer Programs

Language Acquisition

Our team works directly with high school students and their families to provide a language immersion program that transcends the norm. We offer genuine and personalized immersion experiences each summer, with the goal of providing students the opportunity to improve their language skills by developing personal, lasting connections in more rural settings.

A dynamic experience far removed from English-speaking tourism, our programs are built to support high school students in this unique, challenging language environment and to help them arrive at a profound understanding of the linguistic and cultural beauty of rural Spain.

Summer Programs


LITA believes that a homestay is a vital component to understanding what makes Spain such a vibrant and beautiful place, and to acquiring the skills necessary to better grasp the nuances of the language and to speak more fluidly.

LITA's homestay communities are small to medium sized towns and are very safe. Each student is placed individually with his or her own host family and is fully integrated as another member of the family, both at home and in the community.

Summer Programs

Host Families

LITA works with a team of local coordinators to initially identify potential host families, with LITA's Directors spending time with each family prior to the trip to carefully match them with students based on mutual dynamics and interests. All students are placed with families with children of approximately the same age and gender or with families with younger children. We focus on selecting a unique group of new host families each year in order to provide a singular, lasting experience for all of our families and students. LITA takes great care in selecting families each year that are highly invested in establishing lasting relationships with our students.

Summer Programs

Academic Experiences

To further enhance the immersion experience, LITA offers each student the opportunity to complete an internship or take language classes and complete an independent cultural project during the homestay experience. These experiences provide students the chance to build relationships in the local community outside of their host family and to begin to explore personal areas of interest, all while developing their language skills. Internship options are diverse - working in a bakery, camp, museum or café - and are handled on an individual basis.

Summer Programs

Sample 3 Week Itinerary

*** While this sample itinerary is focused on a group that would visit northern Spain, we also run a similarly structured 3-week program focused in southern Spain.


Depart New York

Arrive in Madrid. Transport to Galicia, via chartered bus, a five-hour drive to the northwest

Lodging at a “casa rural” (Bed & Breakfast), about 30 miles from the northern coast of Spain.

Daily activities may include:

Visit to “gaetero’s” (bagpiper) workshop
Traditional Galician music concert and dance workshop
Cooking classes
Hiking on the Camino de Santiago
Day trips to Santiago de Compostela, Betanzos, and northern beach towns


Each student will be placed with their own host family, matched by personalities, mutual interests and family dynamics

Host families have children of similar ages and interests to the student placed with them and/or younger children

Each student will be immersed in their individual host family’s life, participating in all family activities

Workshops, classes and individual projects take place each morning during the homestay

1-2 day-long excursions outside of the host community. Destinations may include:

Burgos, Salamanca, or smaller towns of cultural and historic interest


Lodging at small hotel/casa rural

Closing activities
Cooking class
Day hike

Summer Programs

Sample 5 Week Itinerary

*** While this sample itinerary is focused on a group that would visit southern Spain, we also run a similarly structured 5-week program focused in northern Spain.


Depart New York and arrive in Madrid. Transport to El Matarraña region in eastern Spain

Lodging at a casa rural in a small town in El Matarraña

Daily activities may include:

Private concert and dance workshop with local “jotas” troupe
Hiking in Els Ports de Beseit regional park
Visits to towns of artistic and historic interest such as Valderrobres, La Fresneda, Horta de Sant Joan and Calaceite
Workshop with local guide and nature photographer
Yoga, dance and storytelling workshop



Each student will be placed with their own host family, matched by personalities, mutual interests and family dynamics

Host families have children of similar ages and interests to the student placed with them and/or younger children

Each student will be immersed in their individual host family’s life, participating in all family activities

Students may elect to participate in a volunteer internship with a local business, artist, camp, farm, etc. or take language classes/workshops and complete a project on a cultural topic of their choice

1-2 day-long excursions each week

Group Leaders are on site in the host community and available at all times throughout the day

WEEK 5 - Sierra de Aracena (Huelva)

Hiking and farm visit in the Parque Natural Sierra de Aracena


Lodging at boutique apartments in the center of the city

Daily activities are based on the group's collective interests and may include:

Discussion around current Spanish politics with a local journalist
Photowalk and exploration of the city's distinct neighborhoods
Investigation into local food and tapas culture
Visits to notable monuments and exploration of the city's intersecting religious and cultural histories
Flamenco workshop

Summer Programs


All LITA students and parents receive a comprehensive Student and Parent Guide that will help them prepare for their immersion experience. The handbook focuses on expectations of behavior, ambassadorship and how to best engage with an immersive, rural travel experience in Spain.

At the individual pre-departure meeting, typically a month before travel, LITA’s Directors meet with each family in person or via zoom to review the Student and Parent Guide and discuss any questions or concerns, solidifying a comfort level and open dialog with all families.

Summer Programs


Personalized attention and a safe, fun travel experience are LITA's highest priorities. Trips are led by two experienced leaders and include on-site supervision and involvement from LITA’s Directors.

All trips are largely spent in smaller, more rural areas and tight-knit communities. During the homestay, students are encouraged to explore and participate in daily life, and to facilitate communication and ensure safety, each student is provided with a Spanish sim card for their cell phone upon arrival. That said, trip leaders travel with LITA students at all times and are always available to students in person throughout the duration of the program.